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Rope Burns
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Rope burns can be a very serious injury.  Consult your veterinarian prior to any treatment  

Although the injury may initially look mild, the wound has the potential to become infected,  secondary swelling, and often other parts of the leg may be injured as well.

My favorite salve for this type of wound is "Corona" ointment a lanolin salve with an antibiotic property.  

I apply a large volume of the ointment to a soft, absorbent bandage, such as a diaper or sanitary napkin.

The ointment laden bandage is then applied to the wound and a soft wrap applied.  Depending on how clean the bandage remains and if it stays in place - the wrap can be left on for 2-3 days.

Remove the wrap and apply 10-20 minutes of cold water therapy (weather permitting).  A direct stream of cold water directly on the wound increases the blood supply to the lesion, cleans up the wound, and helps reduce swelling.

Then apply a new / clean Corona ointment bandage.
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